Welcome to my new blog, Reading While Fat. I’m quite pleased to be here, I have to say. I’m very excited to start a new blog! This will be focused mainly on fat acceptance, though I won’t restrict myself to that topic, I don’t think.

I imagine that it will take a little while for me to get the hang of this whole “blogging” business. It’s a new experience for me, and I hope to do it well. I’m still getting everything together, resources and such.

Hmm, more about me. I’m 21 years old. I’m attending college, where I’m majoring in social work. I want to become a therapist.

I started reading about fat acceptance a few years ago, largely with Kate Harding’s blog. It’s inactive now, but it’s definitely a quality archive. I stopped reading blogs for a while, for a variety of reasons, but I’m once again getting more active. Any recommendations on blogs to read would be very welcome.